Why Diolaze Laser Hair Removal?

Diolaze laser hair removal stands out for its advanced diode laser technology, resulting in an effective, efficient + relatively comfortable experience in reducing unwanted hair. It's large treatment spot size allows for quicker sessions while a built-in cooling system minimizes discomfort. Diolaze works on a broader range of skin and hair types than many alternatives, offering a practical solution with fewer treatments required. These attributes make Diolaze an appealing choice for those seeking a balance of speed, comfort + effectiveness in their hair removal process.

How Does it Work

Diolaze employs a diode laser technology that delivers high-intensity light pulses to the targeted hair follicles. The melanin in the hair absorbs this light, which is then converted to heat, effectively destroying the follicle's ability to regrow hair without harming the surrounding skin. Its precision + deep penetration make it highly effective for long-term hair reduction.

What to Expect

You can expect a quick and straightforward procedure with a focus on comfort. The Diolaze handpiece is passed over your skin, you'll feel the sensation of the laser pulses, mitigated by the device's built-in cooling system. Post-treatment, there might be some redness or swelling, which typically subsides quickly. We suggest starting with 6 sessions for optimal results, spaced out 4-6 weeks apart to effectively target hair at different growth stages.