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Solar Oil Cuticle and Nail Treatment Pen

Solar Oil Cuticle and Nail Treatment Pen

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A unique, on-the-go and easy to use twist pen with the controlled and efficient application! CND® SolarOil has ingredients that help to moisturize and condition, which will keep nails beautiful and resilient! 

  • An on-the-go, efficient application to moisturize and protect nails and cuticles. Contains a synergistic blend of naturally light oils and Vitamin E
  • Apply daily to top and underside of nail and massage into surrounding skin
  • On the go CND Solar Oil Essentials Care Pens. Professionally-used for moisturizing and conditioning the nails. Enjoy CND's favorite nail care treatments anywhere, anytime
  • Store upright in a vertical position First Time Usage: Twist pen a few turns until product is dispensed Continued Usage: Twist pen once to release product
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